This Privacy Notice (hereinafter the “Notice”) establishes the terms and conditions by which “Operadora Gran Ciudad S. de R.L de C.V, Inmobiliaria Gran Ciudad S. de R.L. de C.V., Servicios Gran Ciudad 1 S. de R.L. de C.V., Fideicomiso de Proyecto Nuevo Sur CIB/3092, y Fideicomiso de Servicios Nuevo Sur CIB/3102, all of them are comercially known as “GRAN CIUDAD®


In GRAN CIUDAD® we process your personal data for the following primary purposes:


  1. Managing your information to keep our databases updated;
  2. Managing our commercial relationship;
  3. Confirming your identity and verifying the information you provided us;
  4. Creating your file and generating your online profile;
  5. Managing appointments with our sales agents;
  6. Formalizing our contractual process by celebration the corresponding agreements such as the promise to lease residential units;
  7. Processing your payments through the different paying methods derived from your contract, including those related to down payments, advances, allowances, commissions, price payments, either total or partial payments, lease or deposit payments as applicable;
  8. Managing collection by telephone, printed, electronic and in-person means;
  9. Issuing invoices or Digital Fiscal Receipts;
  10. Carrying out loan investigations to confirm your solvency;
  11. Allowing for the management, administration and security of your personal data;
  12. Keeping physical, electronic and procedure backups of your personal data as provided by the applicable laws and regulations, and complying with the legal requirements on civil, commercial, administrative and fiscal matters.
  13. Rendering services.


Additionally, we process your personal data for other secondary purposes, including:

  1. Attending your request for information about our products and services;
  2. Rendering services related to the administration of our real states (Clients);
  3. Applying conventional penalties in case of contractual breach (Client);
  4. Processing payments of refunds in case of early termination or rescission of the agreement (Clients);
  5. Receiving notifications about problems with GRAN CIUDAD®’s websites;
  6. Managing Customer Service;
  7. Managing your buying record and so forth operations;
  8. Attending your comments, suggestions, complaints and clarifications;
  9. Communications management including advertising, notices, messages, novelties, invitations to events and meetings, either by printed and/or electronic means, by telephone and/or by our authorized personnel for advertising, promotional, commercial prospection or marketing purposes, unless you expressly manifest your will for not receiving them;
  10. Rendering online and communications services;
  11. Elaborating historical reports and sending periodic information;
  12. Carrying out marketing and consumer studies in order to offer personalized products and services, such as advertising and contents according to your needs;
  13. Evaluating the quality of our products and services through various instruments, including satisfaction surveys and opinion interviews;
  14. Implementing activities aimed to promote, maintain and improve our products and services;
  15. Participating on chats and discussion fora, and
  16. Managing contractual warranties, and executing them when applicable.


You will be able to exercise your right of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition to the processing of your data, revoking your consent, as well as, limiting its use and disclosure through the means provided by our Privacy Officer on the complete privacy notice available in